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Apartment Buildings

In the design, construction, and renovation of residential premises and buildings, due attention should be paid to the issues of acoustic comfort.

In the design and construction of such facilities, apart from the issues of sufficient sound insulation between adjacent apartments, it is important to consider the presence of noise sources in the building. Such as common areas, commercial and administrative premises, elevator halls or elevator machine rooms and service premises (ventilation chambers, heat stations, refrigerating centres, transformer halls, etc.). Noise from such sources can penetrate into residential premises having a negative impact on residents.

Key numbers

52 dB

the required index value of airborne sound insulation by partition/interfloor structures between adjacent apartments

58 dB

the required index value of the reduced impact noise level under the flooring of adjacent apartments


the allowable sound level in the residential premises of the apartments at day/night time

70 dB

the index value of airborne noise insulation by structures partitions or floors, at which the highest possible acoustic comfort is achieved, whereas the level and nature of noise in the adjacent room no longer matter

The issues with sound vibration and acoustics within Apartment buildings:

  • vibration insulation of building foundations;
  • comprehensive sound insulation of service premises and vibration insulation of utility equipment installed in service premises;
  • sound insulation of flooring against impact and airborne noise (from both the floor and ceiling sides);
  • sound insulation of inter-room walls (airborne noise);
  • sound insulation of interior partitions (airborne noise);
  • sound insulation of common areas (access lobbies).
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