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Invisible acoustics

Sonarspray is designed to improve the acoustic climate and create an environment pleasant and comfortable to live, work and be in.
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Sonaspray coatings are used to optimize reverberation time and reduce noise levels in public and recreational areas. Cellulose fibers are the main component of Sonaspray. They are harmless to breath and do not cause allergies, which makes them environmentally friendly.
The Sonaspray coating technology also gives them a number of advantages over other sound-absorbing boards. The finished Sonaspray coating is created by spraying cellulose flakes impregnated with glue onto the selected surface. Download presentation

Sound absorbtion coatings

  • Sprayed directly onto the surface
  • Preserves the height of the room and space
  • Covers communications
  • Improves fire protection
  • Allows you to cover large volumes of ceilings in a short time
  • The coating can be sprayed at any stage of the project
  • The coating can be used both in all zones and in individual spaces
  • Improves thermal insulation
  • Increases the corrosion resistance of the surface

Sonarspray coatings as a part of interior design

Sonaspray can be applied without special preparation to various building materials. It covers technical communications, utility systems and helps to bring space to a unified design as a part of the interior concept.
The technology makes it possible to obtain a seamless acoustic coating on a free-form surface, as well as to carry out fragmentary processing of selected areas. Unlike Ecophon sound-absorbing boards, our products help find non-standard design solutions, fitting acoustic coatings into the existing interior.

Sonaspray / Decoustic

Decoustic is an exclusive distributor of Sonaspray coatings in Serbia and other Balkan countries. Feel free to get detailed information about this acoustic solution, we will be glad to help with your project! Download presentation

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High performance is another distinguishing feature of Sonaspray coatings. It provides for acoustic spraying in the shortest possible time without making significant changes to the existing schedule for other finishing works.

Sonaspray materials

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