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Sound insulating panels

Бескаркасные звукоизолирующие конструкции крепятся напрямую к несущей поверхности без использования какого-либо каркаса. Они монтируются быстро и существенно сокращают вероятность возникновения ошибок монтажа, влияющих на шумозащитные характеристики.

Акустик Групп предлагает запатентованную бескаркасную систему звукоизоляции ЗИПС (ЗвукоИзолирующая Панельная Система). Ее отличительная особенность - уникальная система крепления панелей через встроенные виброузлы, препятствующие передаче звуковых вибраций с несущей поверхности на внешнюю часть панелей.

Recommendations for the choosing of materials

Before buying, be sure to read about typical soundproof constructions for walls, ceilings, floors.

Only by determining the appropriate construction, you will be able to clearly determine the list of necessary materials and their quantity.

Sandwich-panels ZIPS

ZIPS Vector

ZIPS Vector is the thinnest sandwich panel for sound insulation. Used to eliminate everyday household noise.
Generally, it is used in residential premises when preserving as much space as possible is the priority.

ZIPS Modul

ZIPS Modul sandwich panels have been successfully dealing with the most common medium-intensity noises for more than 15 years. They are used to improve sound insulation in apartments, cottages, and commercial facilities such as cafes, restaurants, etc.

ZIPS Cinema

ZIPS Cinema is the most efficient sound insulating panel from entire ZIPS products range.
Is used to combat the high-intensity noise in concert halls, cinemas, nightclubs, etc.


Sound-insulating sandwich panels ZIPS III-Ultra have proved to be the most efficient in terms of their thickness/result ratio.


ZIPS-4 system with a function of surface leveling is used during construction and renovation of buildings of any type to increase soundproofing of single-layer civil structures: gypsum, brick and concrete walls, partitions, as well as reinforced concrete floor slabs. The maximum surface unevenness that can be leveled with ZIPS-4 system is 50 mm (2 in).


ZIPS DB acoustic triplex is a highly efficient three–layer material for sound-insulating sheathing of frame partitions, claddings, and suspended ceilings.


ZIPS Slim is an ultra-thin sandwich panel for effective sound insulation of thin interior walls made of lightweight building materials up to 200 mm (8 in) thick.


ZIPS STS is an ultra-thin sound-insulating panel of the resonant type used to increase sound insulation of thin interior walls made of light building materials up to 100 mm (4 in) thick, allowing to save as much as possible of the useful space.