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Sound and noise insulation

Sound insulating panels

If you need maximum effect and smallest thickness simultaneously

  • the thinnest really working sound insulation
  • additional protection against airborne noise up to 18 dB!
  • simple and quick installation
  • proven material
  • manufacturer engineering support

ZIPS panels

Frame Sound Insulation of Walls and Ceilings

Frame soundproofing of walls, ceilings and partitions

  • the most effective solution for sound insulation
  • align the surface of the wall
  • no restrictions on the requirements for the surface
  • allow you to hide communications

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Floor Soundproofing

Solutions for sound insulation of the floor

  • waterproofing of the room
  • soundproofing of the room
  • leveling multifunctional floating floor base

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Specialized accessories

Accessories for sound insulation

  • soundproofing socket box
  • sound insulation tape
  • vibroacoustic sealant
  • vibration insulation suspension
  • vibration insulation profile