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Decoustic wall and ceiling decorative acoustic panels are an innovative development that uses the most advanced woodworking technologies, high-quality raw materials and components. The panels effectively absorb sound waves and optimize the acoustics of different rooms.

Advantages of Decoustic panels

  • effectively absorb sound, providing acoustic comfort
  • the unique tongue and groove system
  • innovative HDF (CDF) dyed base material
  • only CDF, no plaster. Completely allergen-free
  • dimensional stability and edge safety
  • high scratch and impact resistance

Where to use Decoustic panels?

  • low noise level rooms:
    apartments, private houses, offices, museums, libraries, hotels, art galleries.
  • music rooms:
    theaters, movie theaters, studios, circuses, music schools, concert halls, film studios, home theaters.
  • high noise level public spaces:
    concert halls, stadiums, airports, swimming pools, nightclubs, discos.
  • average noise level public spaces:
    kindergartens, restaurants, sales areas, lecture halls, classrooms, assembly and sports halls.

Recommendations for the choosing of materials

Before buying, be sure to read about typical soundproof constructions for walls, ceilings, floors.

Only by determining the appropriate construction, you will be able to clearly determine the list of necessary materials and their quantity.