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In the design, construction, and renovation of buildings of educational institutions (schools, academies, universities, etc.), creating a comfortable acoustic environment is a top priority.

Key numbers

40 dBA

the maximum permissible noise level in a classroom, a library, a teacher's room (as per CR 51.13330.2011)

55 dBA

the maximum permissible noise level in the area immediately adjacent to the school (as per the Sanitary Norms (SN) 2.2.4/

0,5 sec

the optimal reverberation time in a general education classroom (the time over which the sound level decreases by 60 dB)

47 dB

the minimum sound insulation between two classrooms, between a corridor and a classroom (as per CR 51.13330.2011)

The issues with sound vibration and acoustics within Educational Institutions:

  • Sound insulation of classrooms and auditoriums.
  • Sound and vibration insulation of utility systems: reducing the noise from ventilation and air conditioning systems as well as other adjacent service premises (vibration insulation of refrigerators, noise insulation of chillers, etc.). In this case, the objects of protection are classrooms and auditoriums, as well as administrative rooms adjacent to the service premises.
  • Creating a comfortable acoustic environment within classrooms and auditoriums. The use of acoustic finishing materials (suspended ceilings and wall panels) reduces the echoing in the room. This has a positive effect on the quality and results of the learning processes, reducing the overall fatigue of students.
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