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Sport halls, gyms, fitness facilities and spa

When designing, building and renovating gyms and fitness facilities, serious attention should be paid to the issues of sound and vibration insulation, as well as creating the required acoustic comfort in the premises.

In the current SNiP (Construction Rules and Regulations), there are no specific requirements for soundproofing of gyms and fitness facilities. Therefore, when designing, each customer determines such requirements independently, incl. based on many years of European experience. At the same time, in the SNiP there are requirements for the acoustic characteristics of large sports facilities.

For sports facilities, adjacent to residential areas or hotel rooms, the method of integrated sound insulation of all surfaces on the "floor-wall-ceiling" system is successfully applied.

Key numbers

45 dBA

The maximum permissible penetrating sound level allowed into the gym as per the CR “Noise Protection”

1-2 sec

Is the recommended reverberation time within in gyms

The issues with sound vibration and acoustics within gyms and fitness facilities:

  • Sound and vibration insulation of sports facilities adjacent residential premises or hotel rooms. The issue is relevant when placing built-in sports facilities adjacent to residential premises or in hotel buildings.
  • Sound and vibration insulation of utility equipment: reduction of noise from ventilation and air conditioning systems, as well as other adjacent technical premises (vibration insulation of refrigerating machines, noise insulation of chillers, etc.). At the same time, the objects of direct protection are gyms, as well as households and administrative premises adjacent to the utility areas.
  • Creating the required comfortable acoustic environment within gyms. For large sports facilities (arenas, stadiums) the possibility of incorporating good sound amplification equipment is also a condition for their multifunctional use. Such facilities when free from sporting events can be used as concert venues with a large capacity. Therefore, when designing large sports facilities, as a rule, an acoustic engineer is invited, who will work on the "double" use of these facilities and is responsible for producing a suitable acoustic design for the facilities.
  • Creating acoustic comfort in gyms and fitness facilities. Through the use of acoustic materials to reduce the room's echoing and noise during exercise and machine operation or during sports events (group classes, etc.) It will favourably influence the quality and the result of sports activities.
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