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Decorative acoustic materials


CDF-based woodgrain acoustic panels

  • seamless assembly technology, with no visible seams
  • scratch-resistance and impact-resistance
  • reliability of the spike edge (often break in conventional panels made of MDF)
  • steady dimensions in unsteady indoor temperature and humidity parameters
  • eco-friendly and fireproof (KM2)

Decoustic panels


Acoustic fire retardant coating

  • the coating is applied to surface of any shape and height
  • flakes of any RAL color from the manufacturer’s factory on request
  • heat-insulating and anticorrosive properties, not subject to decay



Wood fiber panels

  • high mechanical strength and anti-ricochet properties
  • durability and maintainability
  • climate control inside the room
  • can be painted in any color “before” and “after” installation
  • possible digital printing and graffiti

Soundboard panels


Sound-absorbing perforated panels and suspended elements

  • high mechanical strength of outer surface
  • flammability category NG - non-flammable material (only for Soundlux-Techno)
  • possible painting to any RAL color (only for Soundlux-Design)
  • can be painted in any color “before” and “after” installation
  • effective sound absorbance during assembly with no spaces

Soundlux panels