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In the design, construction, and renovation of entertainment facilities: nightclubs, karaoke bars, and bowling halls. Attention needs to be paid to sound and vibration insulation, as well as to creating an acoustically comfortable environment within the premises.

Firstly, sound insulation issues are relevant for commercial premises with internal entertain venues and residential premises with internal and adjacent entertainment venues. For example, a long-standing practice of acoustic design has shown that, even with all the available means (materials and structural), it is impossible to soundproof a nightclub in such a way that a living room directly adjacent to the dance floor could be suitable for living. In each case, soundproofing for premises with high levels of noise or vibrations (a bowling hall) must be considered individually, since the wrong solutions may limit or make it impossible for a successful commercial operation.

When designing sound insulation of a club or karaoke halls, each customer determines their requirements independently. As a rule, for premises with high levels of noise, the method of integrated sound insulation across all surfaces is successfully applied, by following the "floor-wall-ceiling" system.

Ključni brojevi

100 dBA

the maximum possible level of sound in a nightclub/a karaoke bar

30 dBA

the permissible equivalent noise level in the living rooms of apartments at night (11.00 p.m. - 7.00 a.m.)

40 dBA

the permissible equivalent noise level in the residential area at night (11.00 p.m. - 7.00 a.m.)

less than1 sec

the recommended reverberation time for a karaoke hall equipped with a sound amplification system (the exact value depends on the volume of the room)

Sound and vibration insulation as well as acoustics issues within clubs and karaoke bars:

  • Sound insulation between entertainment facilities and apartments or hotel rooms (vibration insulation of floors, sound insulation of walls and partitions, sound insulation of ceilings and floors).
  • Sound and vibration insulation of utility systems: ventilation systems, air conditioning systems, refrigeration units, kitchen equipment, ect. In this case, the priority areas of concern which require protection are apartments, hotel rooms or offices and administrative premises adjacent to in the immediate vicinity of the entertainment facility.
  • When creating the required acoustic environment within the rooms of a club and/or karaoke bar, as well as a comfortable acoustic environment in the bowling hall. It is important to understand that eventually, bad acoustics will directly affect the commercial success of the establishment. Attendance can easily decrease due to poor acoustics after the business has launched. Meanwhile, any reorganisation of the interior space after launch, can be an expensive inconvenience, sometimes even impossible without a prolonged closure. Therefore, such issues should be considered in detail at the design and before construction stage.
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