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The Bolshoi Theatre, Big rehearsal hall (Moscow)

Square: 1200m2


Russia, Moscow City


Direkciya po stroitelstvu, remontu i rekonstrukcii Minkultury RF


OAO «Kurortproekt», MOSPROEKT-2, Muller BBM, Decoustic

Main contractor

ZAO «SUIproekt»

The Bolshoi Theatre asked us to develop turn-key solution for the rehearsal hall. Although it’s not the biggest room we have ever redesigned, it has some interesting issues. Orchestra pit and scene cause impact noise and we chose ZIPS Floor Modul panels to isolate rehearsal hall from adjacent rooms and spaces.

The hall has big open space and it’s important to make sound waves spread in right directions. Ceiling was equipped with sound diffusers. We also must be sure waves are absorbed before it can create echo in the room. Echo effect in such big room will just destroy all the acoustics. We installed Heradesign sound absorbing panels on the walls around the hall. Ceiling of technical space under the scene was covered with Gyptone panels.