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Event-Hall (Voronezh)

Square: 2500 m2


Russia, Voronezh, 129 Moscovsky prospect


Planeta Razvlecheniy Ltd.


UNKproject, Decoustic

Main contractor

PKF «Vertical»

The idea was to create transforming hall that can be used in two modes: dancing floor and concert hall. Seats were placed on special mobile platforms, that could be moved to the wall and transform into the flat surface. So our engineers had two issues to solve. Concert hall must have perfect acoustics either with opened seats or with removed sitting zone.

Using physical and acoustic data engineers created several 3D computer models to predict the sound level and reverberation time in different hall configurations. Our specialist also took into account hall size that caused long reverberation time and lots of reflecting surfaces. The back wall was covered with Heradesign panels. These panels work by absorbing sound energy and converting it into heat energy. Next, side walls were covered with panels that eliminate direct echoes created between parallel walls. The ceiling was also equipped with absorbing panels.

Final measures showed great acoustic characteristics in both seat options.