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Two workshops on sound insulation for architects and builders in Belgrade!

1 June 2023
On June 22-23th, we are going to tell you everything about sound and types of noise. During our workshop «Theory and practice of installation of sound insulating constructions» you will know how to achieve acoustic comfort and build sound-insulating structures (of course with the help of our experts).


1. Basic acoustic terms

  • Sound isolation and sound absorption
  • Types of noise. Spreading noise
  • Soundproofing. Additional soundproofing

2. Wall and ceiling soundproofing solutions

  • Soundproofing as complex system
  • Frame- and frameless soundproofing
  • Solutions for walls and ceilings

15 minute break

  • Materials and solutions for walls and ceilings
  • Installation practice

Questions and answers


  • Sound-absorption and acoustic materials
  • Floor soundproofing solutions. Soundproofing as complex system
  • Materials and solutions for floors
  • Installation practice
  • Lunch
  • Questions and answers

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