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High Efficiency with Low Thickness

The layered porous structure of the tape is designed to dissipate sound energy. Each layer is a barrier to noise entering the insulated room.

For maximum results, it is recommended to use Ultrakustik VS tape with acoustic sealant. Together they increase the effectiveness of soundproofing structures by 5 dB!

Performance Stability

Ultrakustik Tape M150 maintains stable high soundproofing characteristics under static and dynamic loads over its long service life.


Ultrakustik Tape M150 can be easily cut with a standard construction knife. 150 mm (6 in) wide tape is perfectly suitable for most types of soundproofing structures, including ZIPS and ZIPS panel systems.

Floor, framed soundproof partitions, cladding, and suspended ceilings.

Features of the material usage, ready-to-use soundproofing structures and examples of implemented projects can be found in the "Usage" tab.
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Как выбрать Ultrakustik Tape для себя?

НазваниеШирина, ммДлина рулона, мВес рулона, кгПрименение
Ultrakustik Tape M100 100 30 1 Применяется с любыми звукоизолирующими конструкциями толщиной не более 100 мм
Ultrakustik Tape M150 150 30 1,5 Применяется с любыми звукоизолирующими конструкциями толщиной не более 150 мм

Maintenance info

Ultrakustik Tape M150 Composition

Ultrakustik Tape M150 is made of high quality multilayer soundproof glass-fiber mat.


Ultrakustik Tape should be stored in its original packaging in dry premises away from any precipitation and groundwater.

Features of the material usage

Ultrakustik Tape M100 is used as a cushioning material in building structures during the installation of ZIPS, ZIPS Floor panel systems, framed soundproof partitions, claddings, and suspended ceilings, as well as an edge layer in soundproof floating floor structures.

Physical Properties

Roll length:
30 m (98 ft.)
Tape width:
150 mm (6 in)
4 mm (0.15 in)
Roll weight:
1.5 kg (3.3 lbs.)

Acoustic Characteristics

Surface density
300 g/m2 (1 oz.ft2)
Dynamic elasticity modulus, unit:
At a load of 2 kPa - 0.18 MPa At a load of 5 kPa - 0.35 MPa
Relative compression ratio ɛ:
At a load of 2 kPa - 0.025
At a load of 5 kPa - 0.35