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Universal Vibroisolating Hanger

Ultrakustik Connect is used to reduce transmission of vibrations into building enclosing structures when installing metal framed suspended ceilings and wall claddings.

It is more efficient than standard hangers

Use of Ultrakustik Connect reduces the noise level in an isolated room by 25% compared to traditional hangers.

This means that, on average, the use of the Ultrakustik Connect vibroisolating hanger in sound insulating structures increases the airborne noise insulation index of the entire structure by 2 dB.

Stable Vibroisolating Properties

A combination of polyurethane elastomers Sylodyn and Sylomer manufactured by Getzner is used as an elastic hanger element, which allows Ultrakustik Connect to retain its vibroacoustic properties for more than 30 years.

Features of the material usage, ready-to-use soundproofing structures and examples of implemented projects can be found in the "Usage" tab.
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Maintenance info

Composition and description

Metal housing.

A combination of Sylodyn/Sylomer elastomers is used as a working vibroisolating element in the hanger structure.


Ultrakustik Connect hangers should be stored in their original packaging away from any precipitation and groundwater.

Features of the material usage

Ultrakustik Connect has elongated hanger shelves, which allows adjusting a gap between the sound-insulating structure frame and the wall surface to 150 mm (6 in).

Installation guides, video instructions, certificates, acoustic measurement protocols and other materials for download can be found in the "Support" tab.
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Physical Properties

150 mm (6 in)
30 mm (1 in)
Thickness of mounting legs:
1 mm (0.03 in)
Node thickness:
15 mm (0.6 in)


Features of the material usage, ready-to-use sound-proofing structures and examples of implemented projects can be found in the "Usage" tab.
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Questions/reviews from site visitors

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Mirko 23 May 2023
Why not use a regular straight hanger?
Expert answer

The effectiveness of a soundproof structure depends on a set of factors. One of them is the vibration isolation of the structure. The less rigid connections the cladding/suspended ceiling has, the better the result. The vibroisolating hanger allows fixing a structure in such a way that vibration is not transmitted through the fasteners.

Ana 23 May 2023
How does the shrinkage of the elastic insert in the hanger change over time?
Expert answer

The shrinkage does not change over time. After the structure installation, the shrinkage persists.

Ana 23 May 2023
How can I increase the length of a hanger?
Expert answer

A 60x27 profile fragment of the desired length is inserted into the hanger. To connect the profile fragment with the main 60x27 profile, a standard straight hanger cut into two parts is used.

Željko 23 May 2023
Can this hanger be used for both walls and ceilings?
Expert answer

Yes, it is a universal hanger. It is used in soundproof ceiling constructions and in frame claddings.