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Soundproofing Socket Box

Box is used to increase the overall efficiency of soundproof structures when installing sockets or switches.

100% Air Tightness

Ultrakustik Box blocks sound from passing, ensures tightness of sound insulation system, reducing the likelihood of noise penetration into the isolated room through the holes in the wall used for sockets or switches.

Convenient to Use

  • Ultrakustik Box socket box features a universal design and is compatible with most types and sizes of modern sockets and switches
  • Has 5 different modifications: from 1 to 5 sockets
  • The thickness of Ultrakustik Box allows using it in any sound insulation systems, including frameless ZIPS systems!
  • For the convenience of applying wall putty, the front panel has a thickness of 9 mm (0.3 in) and is treated with a special primer.

Safe and Eco-friendly

Ultrakustik Box is made of a self-extinguishing halogen-free compound based on ABS plastic, which provides:

- fire safety;

- no toxicity.

There are no harmful substances in the socket box material, it is absolutely safe for humans and environment.

Features of the material usage, ready-to-use soundproofing structures and examples of implemented projects can be found in the "Usage" tab.
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Maintenance info

Composition and description

Ultrakustik Box housing is made of a self-extinguishing halogen-free compound made of ABS plastic.


The socket boxes should be stored in their original packaging away from any precipitation and groundwater.

Features of the material usage

Ultrakustik Box is used for installation of sockets and switches in frame and frameless sound-insulating structures of claddings and partitions.

It ensures integrity of sound-insulating structures and increases their soundproofing capacity.

Installation guides, video instructions, certificates, acoustic measurement protocols and other materials for download can be found in the "Support" tab.
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Physical Properties

Mounting box depth:
40 mm (1.6 in)
Housing size:
150 mm (6 in)
Total housing thickness:
45 mm (1.8 in)

Acoustic Properties

In comparison with a conventional socket box, use of an Ultrakustik Box socket box allows increasing sound insulation capacity of the structure by up to 5 dB.


Product Information

Features of the material usage, ready-to-use sound-proofing structures and examples of implemented projects can be found in the "Usage" tab.
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Questions/reviews from site visitors

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Isidora 27 January 2023
Why not use a traditional socket box?
Expert answer

A traditional socket box for hollow structures is a thin-walled plastic sleeve. Thus, a hole is formed in the sheathing of the soundproof structure that significantly reduces sound insulation capacity. The soundproof socket box has thicker and more massive walls, which creates an obstacle to sound propagation through the hole.

Pivljanin Gvozden 27 January 2023
Are there any alternatives to using a soundproof socket box that would guarantee same effect?
Expert answer

An alternative option would be the use of overhead socket boxes. They can be integrated into interior items, such as a wide bed headboard.

Dejan Mitrović 27 January 2023
Do different structures use socket boxes of different depths?
Expert answer

The socket box is universal and fits, among other things, in the thinnest structures, such as ZIP Vector 53 mm and ZIPS III Ultra 55 mm.