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New Generation Acoustic Mineral Plates

Ultrakustik GW-Neo mineral plates are used as part of soundproof and sound-absorbing structures to reduce extraneous noise and ensure acoustic comfort inside your home.

Made of new generation fiberglass with ultra-thin and ultra-long fibers, Ultrakustik GW-Neo mineral plates feature high mechanical strength throughout their entire service life.

High Sound Absorption

Layered-porous structure of the Ultrakustik GW-Neo mineral plates ensures effective sound absorption.

Increases sound insulation of frame structures by 7 dB.

High Mechanical Strength of the Fiber

Unlike conventional fiberglass mineral plates, Ultrakustik GW-Neo is characterized by high mechanical strength: they do not crumble and do not break.

The high strength of the material reduces the risk of particles getting into the eyes, lungs. Does not cause irritation and allergic reactions.

Due to the increased density, it does not get out of shape throughout the entire period of use.

Non-flammable, Durable and Environmentally Friendly Material

Ultrakustik GW-Neo plates are non-combustible and belong to non-combustible sound absorbers and insulation materials.

The plates do not ignite, perfectly withstand high temperatures, maintaining integrity and overall strength of the structure.

There is no release of toxic and harmful substances under the influence of fire.

Features of the material usage, ready-to-use soundproofing structures and examples of implemented projects can be found in the "Usage" tab.
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Maintenance info

Composition and description

Ultrakustik GW-Neo plates are manufactured using a new generation of fiberglass without the use of harmful substances. Ultrakustik GW-Neo plates are absolutely safe for humans and environment.


Ultrakustik GW-Neo should be stored in their original packaging in dry premises away from any precipitation and groundwater.

Features of the material usage

It retains its strength and high sound absorption properties throughout its service life.

Ultrakustik GW-Neo mineral plates are used as a sound-absorbing layer in frame cladding structures, partitions, and suspended ceilings, as well as in sound-absorbing structures.

It is allowed for use in all types of structures.

Installation guides, video instructions, certificates, acoustic measurement protocols and other materials for download can be found in the "Support" tab.
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Physical Properties

Plate length:
1250 mm (49 in)
Plate width:
600 mm (24 in)
Plate thickness:
50 mm (2 in)

Acoustics Properties

Sound absorption class
Sound absorption index (at a thickness of 50 mm (2 in)) aW:


Features of the material usage, ready-to-use sound-proofing structures and examples of implemented projects can be found in the "Usage" tab.
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Questions/reviews from site visitors

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Aleksandra Ilić 27 January 2023
How much more effective is Ultrakustik GW-Neo than ordinary mineral wool?
Expert answer

Acoustic efficiency of mineral-water plates can be evaluated and compared using a single-numeric parameter: sound absorption index, which is estimated in fractions of one (the closer this value is to one, the more effective the sound absorber is); Ultrakustik GW-Neo plate sound absorption index is 0.90.

Jovanović Željko 27 January 2023
Can Ultrakustik GW-Neo be used as part of a wooden floor?
Expert answer

Ultrakustik GW-Neo plates can be used for filling internal space of wooden flooring structure, it is recommended to fill at least 80% of the internal volume with the plates.

Vojislav 27 January 2023
Can Ultrakustik GW-Neo plates be used as part of acoustic structures?
Expert answer

Yes, Ultrakustik GW-Neo plates can be used as an effective sound-absorbing layer inside acoustic interior decoration structures (perforated plasterboard, fiberboards, etc.).