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Soundproofing Triplex

ZIPS DB is a special three-layer material consisting of two components: two weighted moisture-resistant gypsum plasterboards (GVLVU) and a layer of special vibroacoustic sealant.

It significantly improves the efficiency of sound insulation structures and is used for sheathing of frame partitions, claddings, and suspended ceilings.

Unrivaled sound isolation ability of partitions – up to 68 dB!

The acoustic efficiency of ZIPS DB is achieved due to two layers of 8 mm (0.3 in) GVLVU sheets acoustically separated from each other with special vibroacoustic sealant.

Due to elastic connection between the separated rigid layers, the acoustic triplex shows higher sound isolation ability in the operating frequency range compared to plasterboard of equal surface density.

Combination of ZIPS DB acoustic triplex and plasterboard layer has better efficiency than two plasterboard layers.


Only eco-friendly materials and components are used for production of ZIPS DB panels.

The main component of the panels is GVLVU, which is a homogeneous material consisting of a mixture of gypsum binder and cellulose fibers that is evenly distributed throughout the sheet.

A special vibroacoustic sealant separating the GVLVU layer contains no harmful chemicals.

More Than 25 Years of Stable Vibroacoustic Properties

The ZIPS DB acoustic triplex retains its vibroacoustic properties throughout the entire period of operation.

ZIPS DB is made from time-tested materials:

  • GVLVU is a reliable and stable material that retains its characteristics even after 20 years of use, which has been verified by numerous measurements at existing facilities;
  • The sealant elastic layer does not crack or peel off over time, retaining elasticity even under load.
Features of the material usage, ready-to-use soundproofing structures and examples of implemented projects can be found in the "Usage" tab.
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ZIPS DB acoustic triplex is better in acoustic efficiency than plasterboard, not to mention other, very expensive, operationally inconvenient and combustible materials.

Its thickness is 16.5 mm (0.6 in), which is only 5 mm (0.2 in) thicker than standard plasterboards. ZIPS DB can easily be mounted on standard frame structures.

ZIPS DB belongs to the group of low-flammable and flash-resistant materials.

Maintenance info

Composition and description

Two weighted moisture-resistant gypsum plasterboards (GVLVU) with a thickness of 8 mm (0.3 in), interconnected by an elastic and resilient layer of special sealant.


ZIPS DB acoustic triplex should be stored horizontally on pallets at a height of not more than three layers in premises with dry and normal humidity away from any precipitation and groundwater.

Features of the material usage

ZIPS DB acoustic triplex is used for sound-insulating sheathing of frame partitions, claddings, and suspended ceilings.

ZIPS DB acoustic triplex sheets are mounted on the metal frame of the partition, cladding, or suspended ceiling using self-drilling for gypsum plasterboards, and then joints are sheathed with a finishing layer of plasterboards with overlap.

Installation guides, video instructions, certificates, acoustic measurement protocols and other materials for download can be found in the "Support" tab.
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Objects with the material usage are found in the sections: "Offices and meeting rooms"

Below are just some of the many implemented objects. More examples can be found in the section "Our projects".

Physical Properties

Work size of panels (excluding ridge area):
1200 х 1200 mm (47x47 in)
Sandwich panel thickness:
16,5 mm (0.6 in)
Surface density of the system:
19,5 kg/m2 (4 lb.ft2)

Acoustic Properties

Airborne Sound Insulation


Product Information

Features of the material usage, ready-to-use sound-proofing structures and examples of implemented projects can be found in the "Usage" tab.
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Questions/reviews from site visitors

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Marko Stošić 23 May 2023
Can the ZIPS DB be used be used as a stand-alone wall soundproofing solution (to fix it directly to the wall)?
Expert answer

ZIPS DB is used as part of the sheathing sheets of frame sound insulation structures; when mounted directly to the enclosing structure, sound insulation effectiveness will not be high, such installation is not recommended.

Miljan 23 May 2023
Is it required to seal seams between ZIPS DB sheets?
Expert answer

Yes, when installing ceiling, wall, and partition soundproof frame structures, seams between ZIPS DB sheets should be sealed.

Darko 23 May 2023
Can I omit using the ZIPS DB if I need to reduce the weight of the ceiling sound insulation structure?
Expert answer

ZIPS DB can be replaced with a layer of AKU-Line gypsum board as part of a frame sound insulation structure, but this will lead to a decrease in the sound insulation capacity of the structure.