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Professional Level Sound Insulation Panel System

ZIPS-Cinema system is installed directly onto the surface of walls and ceilings without using a frame. Improves sound insulation by 19-21 dB.

ZIPS Cinema has the widest range of isolated frequencies and the highest level of noise reduction of the entire line of ZIPS sandwich panels.

Eight Special Vibration Mounts

ZIPS Cinema panels are attached to walls and ceiling by special vibration compensator mounts that prevent transmission of noise from insulated surface to external surface of the structure.

Unique design of vibration compensator mounts and the method to attach panels through these mounts are patented.

Additional Sound Insulation for Walls and Ceilings up to 21 dB

The use of lightweight sound-absorbing and heavy sound-reflecting layers in the panels, as well as the absence of rigid connections in the form of framework, ensures efficient reduction of transmitted sound waves.

Additional airborne sound isolation value for ZIPS Cinema is from 19 to 21 dB.

Features of the material usage, ready-to-use soundproofing structures and examples of implemented projects can be found in the "Usage" tab.
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ZIPS Cinema sandwich panels are used for professional sound insulation of premises.

They can be used in premises with high sound insulation requirements. ZIPS Cinema panels have proven their efficiency in offices located close to production facilities, cinemas, clubs, and sound recording studios.


Which ZIPS is Best for Myself? Comparison Table

SystemMaterial to be sound-insulatedEfficiency, dBTotal thickness,  mmNoises to be reducedSuper power and its application
ZIPS Vector Foam concrete, brick, tongue-and-groove block ΔRw up to 12-14 dB 53 Talking, TV, radio The thinnest panel of the ZIPS family. More often is used for sound-insulation of walls and partitions.
ZIPS Modul Brick, concrete ΔRw = 16-18 dB 83 Loud talking, shouting, TV, dog barking, water noise Effective system, suitable for solution of 80% of all household noise issues
ZIPS Cinema Concrete, brick ΔRw = 19-20 dB 133 Loud talking, shouting, TV, dog barking, water noise, noise from a loud audio system or a home theater The most effective sound-insulating system in the entire ZIPS range. When you use this system, it means that everything that can be done has been done.
ZIPS III-Ultra Foam concrete, brick, concrete ΔRw = 16-18 dB 55 Loud talking, shouting, TV, dog barking, water noise The ultimate system in terms of the thickness/efficiency ratio. Despite being thin, it ensures great additional sound insulation and is suitable for 80% of tasks.
ZIPS-4 Foam concrete, brick, concrete ΔRw = 16-19 dB 55-105 Loud talking, shouting, TV, dog barking, water noise Family flagship . This system is for those who value their time and money. It not only ensures top efficiency despite its lesser thickness, but also allows to level the surface using adjusting supports, thus avoiding wet processes.
ZIPS Slim Foam concrete, aerated concrete, tongue-and-groove block ΔRw = 11 dB 37.5 Conversations, TV, radio The thinnest panel of ZIPS family. It is used for sound insulation of inter-flat walls made of foam concrete with a thickness of < 200 mm

Maintenance info

Composition and description

ZIPS Cinema sound-insulating panel system consists of 120 mm (4.8 in) thick ZIPS Cinema sandwich panels and special 12.5 mm (0.5 in) thick finishing plasterboard sheets. Total thickness of the system is 133 mm (5.2 in).

ZIPS Cinema sandwich panels are a combination of moisture-resistant backer board layers and a basalt fiber slab. Each sandwich panel includes eight vibration insulating mounts for installation on the surface.


ZIPS Cinema panels must be stored in dry, enclosed premises, away from any precipitation.

The panels should be stacked horizontally on wooden pallets, boards or other padding materials to avoid sagging.

Features of the material usage

ZIPS Cinema sound-insulating panel system is used for additional sound insulation of single-layer construction structures such as walls and ceilings. Installed without a frame.

Do not use the system for partitions and ceilings less than 80 mm (3 in) thick.

Installation guides, video instructions, certificates, acoustic measurement protocols and other materials for download can be found in the "Support" tab.
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Physical Properties

Work size of panels (excluding ridge area):
1,200 х 600 mm (47 x 24 in)
Sandwich panel thickness:
120 mm (4.7 in)
System thickness with the finishing plasterboard layer:
133 mm (5.2 in)
Panel weight:
21 kg (46 lbs)
Surface density of the system:
41 kg/m2 (8.4 lb/ft2)

Acoustic Properties

Airborne Sound Insulation

Index of additional airborne noise soundproofing
∆Rw = 19-21 dB

Measurement results

Frequency, Hz100125160200250315400500
silicate brick wall 120 mm (4.8 in) (Rw = 50 dB) 41 42 39 39 44 41 42 42
silicate brick wall 120 mm (4.8 in) + 120 mm (4.8 in) Zips Cinema + 12,5 mm (0.5 in) gypsum plasterboard (Rw = 72 dB) 46 52 54 55 61 69 68 71
Frequency, Hz630800100012501600200025003150
silicate brick wall 120 mm (4.8 in) (Rw = 50 dB) 45 49 51 55 57 60 64 66
silicate brick wall 120 mm (4.8 in) + 120 mm (4.8 in) Zips Cinema + 12,5 mm (0.5 in) gypsum plasterboard (Rw = 72 dB) 74 79 83 88 91 92 91 92


Features of the material usage, ready-to-use sound-proofing structures and examples of implemented projects can be found in the "Usage" tab.
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Popular questions

Dušica Stanišić 6 December 2022
Can I mount a TV/audio/video system, etc. onto the Zips system?
Expert answer

Yes, you can. However, you should take into account that maximum load on ZIPS Cinema wall panels is 35 kg (77 lbs) per linear meter and the load may be fixed at any point with drywall screws or any other fixing attachments designed for gypsum plasterboard (the load limit for ZIPS Cinema is 35 kg (77 lbs)  per linear meter)

Ceiling panels can bear a load up to 6 kg (13 lbs) per square meter foxed at any point. Attachment of higher loads onto the ZIPS Cinema panels installed on the ceiling is not allowed.

Dejan Mitrović 6 December 2022
Do I really need gypsum boards?
Expert answer

By adding a finishing layer of specialized gypsum plasterboard to the ZIPS system, you can preserve the system's sound insulation efficiency, boost its bearing capacity, and facilitate further finishing.

For a better effect, we recommend using a weighted gypsum plasterboard with a surface mass (about 12 kg/m2 (2.4 lb/ft2)). 

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Questions/reviews from site visitors

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Aleksandra 6 December 2022
Can I install ZIPS Cinema if my renovation is already finished? Plaster, putty, and non-woven wallpaper have been already applied to the wall and parquet flooring has been installed. Still, I want to soundproof an adjoining wall.
Expert answer

Yes, you can install ZIPS Cinema panel system even if your renovation has already been finished. You can install insulation directly onto the wall. No need to remove wallpaper; two layers of Ultrakustik 150 tape shall be laid along the perimeter.

The sound-insulating lining should be brought up to the ceiling overlap and rest on the floor screed (the finish coating should be cut off).

Vera 6 December 2022
How do I install an electrical outlet to the ZIPS structure?
Expert answer

We recommend using surface mounted outlets and switches, while the hole for wires, if laid behind the sound-insulating structure, should be insulated with Ultrakustik VS sealant. If a built-in option is required, then Ultrakustik Box outlet boxes can be used to preserve the efficiency of the design.

Milena Petrović 6 December 2022
Do I need to repair all cracks and holes in the surfaces to be insulated before installing the ZIPS Cinema panels?
Expert answer

We recommend that you fill cracks and holes with cement mortar or sealant.